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Device Monitoring Things to Remember - c06316620

Below are some tips for the Device Monitoring feature that we noted down during testing. I also added the Improvements that we discussed in the demo. Please add to the list if I missed out any improvement/nice to have features

Things to Remember:

  1. Device Monitoring feature is ‘turned off’ by default. In QA if we need to Enable this feature we send a request to Dharmesh with site info for this feature to be enabled.
  2. Notification time should be greater than client update time. For example if you set your PrintConnect status interval = 15 min, your notification time should be greater than 15 min
  3. For clients like PrintConnect, XOA etc. – if you make a change in the Status Interval, you’ll need to get the license file again.

This info is also in the confluence page


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later.