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Disabling strict SSL verification for CPS - c06314431

In some cases, certain networks do not allow communication to the PrinterOn Directory, due to services such as Man in the Middle proxies. In those cases, there may be a need to disable SSL verification.

Since there are not options included in the PrinterOn Configuration Manager, the changes must be made manually using the steps below:

  1. Stop the Central Print Services/Apache Tomcat service.
  2. Browse to the default folder: C:\Program Files\PrinterOn Corporation\Apache Tomcat\Conf
  3. Make a backup of the cps_config.xml (save the backup in a different folder; preferably on a network drive)
  4. Open cps_config.xml in any text editor, the file identified in step 2
  5. Locate the following entry in the file:
  6. Modify the value to:
  7. Save the changes to CPS_Config.xml.
  8. Restart Central Print Services/Apache Tomcat service.


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later