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Embedded PDS not downloading jobs from PDH - c06353664

This is an internal solution with more details related to this Article: Some PrinterOn Embedded Agents for Samsung/Ricoh are no longer communicating with the PrinterOn Server

Changes required in PDH file:

Changes required in CPS' server.xml file:

Confirm the changes are successful:

If this still does not resolve things, it could be the agent is using an outdated Java version so you should try this:


Removing the tcnative-1.dll file forces the embedded agent to use the built-in version of Java security libraries instead of using OpenSSL for secure communication.

This change does not introduce a vulnerability, but does result in a lower level of security since it reduces the SSL/TLS level used during communication.

You should review the latest Java security notices before going ahead with this change, as PrinterOn has not tested all possible impacts.