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Escalation route to Ricoh Americas - c06649842

Escalation route to Ricoh Americas:

End customers should contact Ricoh's help desk at 1-888-424-1573. If it needs to get escalated it will go to Jasper Hunt's group.

Implementation and support is done by Ricoh.

If a customer requests a POC or orders Hotspot, Ricoh PS should be responsible for all deliverables as outlined in the SOW. All support should be directed and documented thru the Ricoh Help Desk. The Level 1 support should be able to address simple issues and Level 2 Engineering should be able to troubleshoot more advanced issues. There are 3 highly skilled Engineering resources at our help desk and they should take the lead and have ownership to troubleshoot and resolve advanced issues for all our customers.

Only Ricoh's Help Desk engineers should contact PrinterOn support.

Under no circumstances should other Ricoh resources be contacting PrinterOn Support. This is documented in the Escalation Intake Guide and is also part of Ricoh's re-seller agreement with PrinterOn . You can direct Ricoh contacts to this link to review the escalation process details: