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Expected Status code in (200-299), got 404/There was an error in uploading the document - c06406192

Event Summary

Modify CPS Config files on each CPS server to have correct docApiUrl

Event Definition

On PrinterOn mobile app you will see the list of available printers, after setting up the app with Service URL and AD credentials. However, you can’t upload any type of document to get a printout. This can happen if you have the correct DNS/IP specified on the license for service URL and the check box is checked for Override Document API URI under Workflows à Mobile.

Symptoms and Errors

Tools and Access Needed

Steps and Process

  1. Log into CPS server
  2. Stop the CPS service
  3. Open the C:\Program Files (x 86)\ PrinterOn Corporation\Apache Tomcat\Conf fil\cps_config.xml as administrator
  4. Modify docApiUrl to include the correct service URL, e.g. < docApiUrl ></docApiUrl>
  5. Save the configuration file
  6. Start the CPS Server service
  7. Repeat for each additional CPS server