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Express Deprecation policy - notification to customers and partners - c06872868

PrinterOn Express License Sales End April 1, 2018

PrinterOn channel partners may continue to quote and sell PrinterOn Express until April 1, 2018. Express should not be sold or quoted after April 1, 2018. PrinterOn will not issue any new Express licenses after April 1, 2018.If a channel partner provides PrinterOn with a list of the outstanding quotes on April 1, PrinterOn will honor the pricing until December 31, 2018. Customers who purchase license after April 1 will receive PrinterOn Enterprise licenses even though they paid for Express.

Maintenance and Support for Express Ends June 30, 2022

PrinterOn and its channel partners may continue to sell Express M&S through June 30, 2022. PrinterOn will no longer take support calls for Express after June 30, 2022. At that time customers with current M&S agreements will need to upgrade to PrinterOn Enterprise for no additional cost to receive support.

Migration Path to PrinterOn Enterprise

PrinterOn's intent is to have PrinterOn Express customers migrate to PrinterOn Enterprise at no additional license cost and for no increase in their M&S costs.

When current PrinterOn Express customers renew their M&S agreements, they will receive an upgrade to PrinterOn Enterprise at no additional cost and will continue to pay for additional years of M&S at the same rate they paid for Express. This offer is perpetual as long as customers remain current on their payments for M&S.

If an Express customer, with current maintenance and support, encounters an issue that requires a code change to resolve, an upgrade to PrinterOn Enterprise will be provided, at no additional cost. After June 30, 2022 Express customers must upgrade to PrinterOn Enterprise to continue receiving support. Upgrades are accomplished by providing a new license file. This license file controls the attributes of the PrinterOn software to unlock the Enterprise capabilities. Once applied by the customer, the software will now be the Enterprise version with no changes or reconfiguration required. Additional functionality and configuration screens will be available.

Figure : PrinterOn Express Deprecation