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Hosted Site Customization - c06388077

Using the steps below will allow the administator of a PrinterOn hosted site to customize the look and feel of the print site.

To do this,

  1. Login to the print site at with the administration credentials
  2. Select the Customize
  3. Option to select the available template for the page theme such as Corporate, Hotel, Library and HotSpot

Other Customizations

  1. Select File - Configuring settings here will change the view that the end users see, such as colors and the logo
  2. Options - Settings such as page orientation, duplex, color , etc
  3. Approve - Modify the Approval page
  4. Confirm - The screen to see and receive job Reference Number
  5. Users - can remotely release their print jobs
  6. PDS - Users can remotely release their print jobs


Applies to PrinterOn Hosted. The Print Delivery Station 3.x and later.