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How long does PrinterOn support minor and major versions of the software - c06333058

The term of a supported version is 18 months following the release of a new minor or major version.

If a customer is using 3.1 and PrinterOn released 3.2, support for 3.1 ends 18 months after the release of 3.2.

A major version: is 3.x, 4.x. A minor version is 3.1, 3.2

A maintenance release: is 3.2.1, 3.2.2.

These major and minor releases are generally limited to 2 per year, maintenance releases can typically be more frequent as the need appears.

From MSL Nov 2017:

The word “support” does not imply the requirement to provide software changes, hot fix or otherwise. Support can and should include our ability to discuss a version with a customer or partner from a customer support perspective, troubleshoot issues, etc. At no point should we assume this means providing a fix for a specific version, as providing a newer version of the PrinterOn software can and should be a appropriate solution. At the end of 18months (or the term dictated by the contract), we should not take any support calls, even to triage an issue, other than to say the version is not supported.

There may be cases where we choose to provide an update of fix based on the situation, at PrinterOn’s discretion only. There may be a critical security update that is not addressed in a newer version, or similar such situation that PrinterOn determines can and should be updated, but does not fall under the contract nor do other software providers offer these types of updates.

Also, support for a new operating system would not constitute the need to provide an update for older software as the customer is not required to upgrade the OS, and we generally state specific versions of the OS the original software supported.


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 2.x and later.