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How to access the Print Delivery Station - c06315972

From the computer you installed Print Delivery Station (PDS), Log out of the Guest account (if applicable) on the computer.

Login to the Windows Administrator account.

Print Delivery Station version 2.x and older:

  1. Select Start
  2. Select Programs
  3. Select PrinterOn Corporation
  4. Click the Print Delivery Station
  5. Then double-click the PDS icon in the system tray (bottom right window).

Print Delivery Station version 3.x and later:

  1. Locate the PrinterOn Configuration Manager icon (typically on the desktop)
  2. Open the internet browser and navigate to; login with the username root and the password you created when setting up PDS the first time.

To reset the password for the PrinterOn Configuration Manager complete these steps: Reset the Hosted PDS Configuration Manager password


Applies to Print Delivery Station 2.x and 3.x through to version 4.x