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How to add seven or more printers to a Public PrintSpot - c06404315

To add 7 or more printers first check if the customer has purchased 7 or more printer licenses. Once this is verified follow the steps below.

  1. Login to Printspot with admin credentials;;jsessionid=Y1ARvWWwEjB2iIM2IiBA5g__.prod3?PAGE=PrintspotLogin
  2. Scroll to the bottom and activate Unlimited Printers
  3. Now click on the printers and you should see the link to add more printers.
  4. Add as many placeholder printers above 7 that the customer has ordered ( eg. if they ordered 10 printers, enable the Unlimited printers and then add 3 more printer listings with generic names)
  5. Go back to the Home tab of the PrintSpot and Deactivate the Unlimited Printers again. This inhibits the customer from adding more than they are entitled to.