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How to back up Google Cloud Printers? - c06316051

In order to backup the Google Cloud printers, we need to ensure that the Print Delivery Gateway configuration file properly backed up.

Adding all the Google Cloud Printers

  1. Login to the PrinterOn Configuration Manager
  2. Navigate to the Workflows tab
  3. Select Google Cloud Print
  4. Add all of the Google Cloud Printers

Backing up the configuration file

  1. Click on Services tab
  2. Stop Print Delivery Gateway component
  3. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\PrinterOn Corporation\PONData\PDG\gateway (the default location)
  4. Copy the file to a secure location, preferably on a remote file store
  5. Navigate in the PrinterOn Configuration Manager back to the Services tab
  6. Start the Print Delivery Gateway component on the machine