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How to bulk import printers - c06384668

To bulk import printers to the PrinterOn server follow the steps below.

The idea with this bulk import is that you create a single print queue, and use that as the "template". It means you don't need to define every single value in the CSV - if the template printer is already set to what you want, it will use that value if the CSV cell is left blank. Eg. The address and GPS for all printers would be the same - you would create your template printer and then in the CSV file, you can leave cells G, H, I, J, K, L, M and N blank. When you load the file, the printer will be created and all the values from the template printer will be used for any settings that were not specified. It's a more efficient way to do things when there are shared settings, rather than fill in every item for every printer.

  1. Download the sample bulk import document
  2. Open the document and make sure all numbers are in number format and not in scientific format.
  3. Copy the row and paste it as many times as your printer license allows. Keep in mind each row represents a PrinterOn printer.
  4. Fill in your details for each print queue
  5. Save the file as .csv
  6. Open Notepad ++ and open the file you just save.
  7. Click on Encode tab and select “Encode in UTF-8-BOM” and save.
  8. Now you are ready do the import. Login to PrinterOn Configuration Manager
  9. Click on Printers tab and select the import icon
  10. Click on “Choose File” and select the file you just saved as UTF-8-BOM encode and click Upload button.