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How to configure Guest printing email integration with Steamline NX - c06314485

Using the PrinterOn Enterprise solution, guest or unauthenticated users can release print requests from the Streamline NX print management solution using the email submission workflow. Using this feature requires guest printing and user lookup rules be defined for the unidentified users.

  1. Streamline NX Version 2.1 or later
  2. PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x or later
  3. Ensure your printer has 3rd Party Integration enabled and set to Ricoh Streamline NX.
  4. Configure guest printing for the PrinterOn Enterprise solution, and enable the guest column for each printer you wish to support
  5. Set your User Lookup settings for Unidentified users/Guest Printers to "Automatic Release (Override)"
  6. Enable "Provide Release Code to Unidentified Users if Enabled"
  7. Set your User Lookup settings for Unidentified users/Non-Guest printers to "Reject Jobs"
  8. Apply Settings on User Lookup


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later.