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How to configure PDG for AirPrint, IPP or PQMS submissions for an Enterprise Cloud Print customer - c06401789

This will require PDG clustering to be developed by R&D, as of version 4.1 and earlier, PDG is not able to be clustered for use with AirPrint , IPP or PQMS. Google Cloud Print will work in a cluster as the communication there is always outbound from PDG to Google. The problem we see with clustering today is when the job is being pushed into PDG from the end user device.

Right now we must have only a single PDG ready to receive the request at the PDG load balancer address which gets created as part of the Enterprise Cloud Print scripts.

To do this:

  1. RDP to the CPS2 machine within the customer's Enterprise Cloud Print envinroment
  2. Launch Windows Services
  3. Scroll to the Print Delivery Gateway service
  4. Right click and choose Properties
  5. Change the Startup Type from "Automatic (Delayed Start)" to "Manual"
  6. Click Apply
  7. If the current Service Status is "running", click the "Stop" button before closing the PDG properties window
  8. Notify Richard in IT that this has been done to ensure the monitoring of the service is adjusted. I have also advised the IT group to modify their Enterprise Cloud Print monitoring defaults/standards to adjust for a stopped PDG service.