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How to configure the PrinterOn Enterprise solution to collect the username without authenticating - c06303564

Utilizing the steps below allows the administrator of the PrinterOn Enterprise solution to collect username information without validating againts an LDAP/AD server, Internal users or with a SSO/IDM provider. Collecting the username also allows the PrinterOn Enterprise solution to set the owner information for a print request being sent through the solution.

  1. Login to the PrinterOn Configuration Manager
  2. Select the 'gear' in the top right corner and ensure 'Show Advanced Settings' is set to 'On'
  3. Select the 'Printers' tab
  4. Select the '+' sign on one of the printers listed in the PrinterOn Configuration Manager
  5. Select the 'Configure' button on that printer
  6. Expand the 'Job and User Information' section
  7. Change the 'User Identifier' and 'Session Meta Data' to 'Disabled'
  8. Change the Client UID to 'Required'
  9. Select Apply settings
  10. Select the 'Authentication'
  11. Ensure the 'Select Authentication Method' is set to 'Inactive/None'
  12. Select 'Apply Settings'
  13. Navigate to the web submission page and then submit another job to that printer you configured with this setting
  14. Validate that the username is requested, type in any value and submit the print request
  15. Confirm on the PrinterOn Enterprise solution the appropriate username is set for the job owner details
    • Validate from the Printers, then Queue Monitor menu