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How to delete a printer from the PrinterOn Configuration Database using SQL Server Manager - c06418628

Using the steps below, the administrator of the PrinterOn Enterprise solution can remove a printer(s) from the PrinterOn configuration database. These steps would only be used in the event the printer cannot be removed from the PrinterOn configuration Manager due to database corruption.

These steps are conducted using the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio utility (can be downloaded and installed for free from the Microsoft website)

  1. Login to the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
  2. Connect to the SQL server that is hosting the PrinterOn Enterprise solution database
  3. Expand the database, then tables
  4. Right click the mouse on the Printers table, select the option 'Select Top 1000 Rows'
  5. Locate the printer that will be deleted from the database and identify the value in the 'ID' field
    using this query the search can be completed fairly quickly:
    select * from printer where Alias_Full = 'name of printer' (note the value
  6. Since deleting the printer requires that the printer information is removed from other tables within the database due to database requirements run the commands exactly as per below. Only move ahead when the Printer ID has been identified:
    delete from JOB_ACCOUNTING_INPUTS where PRINTER_ID =
    delete from PRINTER_PAPER_SIZES where PRINTER_ID =
    delete from PRINTER_LANG where PRINTER_ID =
    delete from PRN_OEM_SELECT where PRINTER_ID =
    delete from PRN_SW_PROPERTIES where PRINTER_ID =
    delete from PRINTER_PON_SERVER where PRINTER_ID =
    delete from PRINTER where ID =
  7. These steps should completely remove the printer from the PrinterOn configuration database, if they do not, three might be additional database constraints that might be required to be removed before completing the final statement.


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 4.x and later. Executing changes against the PrinterOn Configuration Database can have irreversible effects, be sure to make a backup of the database before executing the commands.