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How to increase the maximum file size accepted by the PrinterOn Enterprise solution - c06314515

In PrinterOn Enterprise 4.1 the default limit is 100MB (previous versions were 50MB) file size and 1GB data size. That means a 100MB file can be submitted assuming that file does not create more than 1GB of spool data. The size of the spool data depends on many factors and can be difficult to reflect in actual file size terms: drive type, file format, colour, document content (images create larger files), etc.

As the current configuration allows for approximately 10x the file size for data size, this rule should be followed when increasing the maximum file size.

To change the maximum file size on the server side, there are 2 settings to update:

After making the changes, please restart the server to ensure the settings are applied to all components.


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 2.5 and later