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How to manually delete a printer from the PrinterOn Configuration Database using the command prompt - c06418608

Using the steps below, the administrator of the PrinterOn Enterprise solution can remove printer(s) from the PrinterOn configuration database. These steps would only be used in the event the printer cannot be removed from the PrinterOn configuration Manager and the Microsoft SQL Server manager cannot be installed.

Preparation: These steps can only be completed on the machine where the Central Print Services is installed and using the account that used to install the PrinterOn software.

Part 1: Accessing the SQL server

Part 2: Identify the ID of the printer to be removed Please note that the command prompt window will display a lot of information, scroll back to the section right after the ‘ ---- ‘, then the first number will be the printer ID (see image below).

Part 3: Remove dependencies before fully removing printer

Part 4: Cleaning up Within the PrinterOn Configuration Manager, select the 'Printers' menu, then select synchronize to update the changes between the PrinterOn components and the configuration database.


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 4.x and later. Changes to the PrinterOn Configuration database can cause irreversible damage, be sure to make a backup of the database before running the commands.