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How to map output destination to LPR port in Print Delivery Station PDS? - c06403064

For LPR output to function properly in PDS output destinations, there are two parts that need to be done:

  1. Configure PDS to use LPR port in output destination per bewlo screen shot
  2. Make sure LPD service is enabled and running where PDS software is installed
    i.e. LDP Print Service can be enabled in Windows 7 using the following steps:
    1. Click Start, and click Control panel
    2. Click Programs and then click Programs and Features
    3. Click Turn Windows Features on or off
    4. Click to expand Print and Document Services
    5. Check the box for LDP Print Services
    6. Click OK and close the Programs and Features window


If LDP service is not enabled, that can cause Windows spool files to have size of 0 KB and LDP/LPR not functional