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How to print from Google Drive on iOS device using the PrinterOn mobile application - c06298349

The Google Drive app for iOS does not provide an option to share via another printing app (it just shows Dropbox and Box), so there is currently no way to submit jobs from the Google Drive app on an iOS device.

We also do not support the native Google Doc format.

If you wish to print an image, PDF, text file or Microsoft Office document from Google Drive on an iOS device, we recommend following these steps:

Applications Required:

- Google Drive.

- PrinterOn.

Steps to submit a print job (these steps assume the PrinterOn mobile application is configured for use with the PrinterOn Enterprise service’s authentication and search requirements):

  1. Configure Google Drive to connect to the Google account by tapping the + icon.
  2. From within the Google Drive application, tap a document you wish to print.
  3. Tap the Arrow icon in the top right corner (if no icon shown, tap somewhere on the document preview).
  4. Tap Open In.
  5. Tap Open in PrinterOn.
  6. Search for or select a saved printer by tapping the info panel in the bottom portion of the screen.
  7. Submit print job.
  8. Verify the document is successful by reviewing the Print History on the PrinterOn mobile application.


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later and PrinterOn mobile application 3.5 and later.