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How to reset a user's password - c06400699

In some cases, a user cannot receive the automated email sent by PrinterOn when adding a customer to an ACL or giving them administrator rights. As a first time user, they are required to create a password for their account, but if they cannot receive the original email, or the "Forgot Password" emails, we will need to set a password for them manually.

This can be especially be seen when the email address used is not actually attached to a managed mailbox (like an nfr login for example).

To manually set a user's password for

  1. Log into ADM Console with your PON Corporate credentials: http://admconsole.printeron.local:8080/prod/f?p=PROD:1::::::
  2. Navigate to the End Users tab
  3. Enter the email address of the user you want to reset
  4. Click the View icon next to the Email you want to modify
  5. Locate the Reseturl field and copy the URL
    It will be something like this:
  6. Visit the URL in a browser and you'll be asked to Continue to create a new password
  7. Enter your new password and then enter it a second time to confirm.
  8. Click Update and you'll now be logged into with the user credentials you just reset.
  9. You can now share an updated password with the user for them to access their PrintSpot administration, or authenticate with a service which has an ACL enabled.
  10. The end user can then change their password once they are logged in by using the "Update your account preferences" shown on the Home page of once logged in.