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How to Setup a release station button on a HP MFP - c06900898

Using the options below will allow setup of a release station button on a HP MFP. The information is based on the URL scheme described in the PrinterOn Enterprise Configuration Guide from section 4.4.1 labeled : Formatting the Secure Release Anywhere URL for web-based release

Option 1:

Using the OXPd Button Manager or other similar tools, create a Button with the following URL:


When configuring the HP browser to communicate to the PrinterOn Enterprise service, the “Basic” browser configuration must be used. This mode disables some CSS and Javascript that is incompatible with the OXPd browser.

Option 2:

The XML file attached contains a template for configuring the Browser.

Option 3:

Upload the file to the MFP using ButtonManager or WebJet Admin, etc

This is used to let the browser tell the server which printer it is representing


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later