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How to Troubleshoot SQL Connection - c06355600

How to Troubleshoot SQL Connection:

  1. Navigate to the Microsoft Windows Control Panel and search for ODBC (Or select the Windows start button and search for ODBC)
  2. Click on setup ODBC data sources
  3. Click on add (Some machines you must select SQL Server as the data source to setup)
  4. Select Finish (This will open up a new window)
  5. Fill in Database name (any name will do as this is only a test)
  6. Fill in the Server address (the same address that will be defined in the PrinterOn Enterprise solution configuration file)
    1. If the database is running on a machine with multiple instances please specify the instance name in the server address field (example: IP\Instance Name OR DNS Name\Instance Name ->\ PrinterOn | databasesrvr \ PrinterOn )
    2. If no instances are defined then just put in the servername or the IP address of the machine that has the SQL service running
  7. Select Next
    1. If you are logged in with the account that will be used to connect to the SQL server then as per step #8 image, select 'Next' to continue and check the connection to the database (the Database server and the machine being used must exist on the same domain and the windows account must be allowed to authenticate to that SQL server [added as an allowed connection to the server and have dbowner permissions to the database])
    2. If the account being used is not part of the domain, then a SQL account must be created on the SQL server and then defined on the screen in step #8 as the connection to the database with the username and password specified
  8. Click Next to move to the next screen (see image in step #10)
  9. After getting to the screen as per step #10, this proves connectivity to the database is successful, you should now be able to change the default database by selecting form the drop down menu and you should be able to see the appropriate database the PrinterOn Enterprise solution will connect with.
    At this point cancel this setup, as this was only a test to validate connectivity
  10. To further test connectivity if required, select next through the menu until the final screen gives the option to test connection (see image below)
  11. Click on Test Data Source (If all went correct you should see Tests Completed successfully message).


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later.

Additionally utilizing these steps above only prove that connectivity from the machine where the Central Print Service is being installed is good, also validates that the ports to the SQL service is open and available.