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How to update an OpsWorks Stack - c06429266

  1. Select ‘CloudFormation’ from the ‘Management Tools’ area
  2. Locate the Stack for your Client that needs to be updated eg. [CLIENT]-DNS
  3. Select it and choose 'Update Stack' from the Actions drop down menu
  4. Select ‘Specify an Amazon S3 template URL’
  5. Enter the URL script for the step that you are updating.
    Script URLs always updated here:
    1. [CLIENT] stack is Step-1-Managed-Client.json
    2. [CLIENT][INSTANCE] stack is Step-2-Managed-Opsworks-Base.json
      At the time of publishing, we have not ever done an update of Step 2
    3. [CLIENT]-DNS stack is Step-3-Client-Networking.json

Parameters should be updated according to The 'Setup Managed Services - An Internal Guide' document in Confluence Utilize your new values where applicable