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How to update the license for a Enterprise Cloud Print customer? - c06703213

Using the steps below, the updated features, M&S extension of a PrinterOn Enterprise Managed Cloud customers environment can be applied using the PrinterOn Configuration Manager.

  1. Login to the web administration portal and acquire an updated copy of the license file to be deployed
  2. Login to AWS and download the license file from the S3 bucket for the particular customer to update
    If there is no license.txt in the S3 bucket, obtain the license from Confluence, or by downloading from PONCONF
  3. Copy the details from the file in the S3 bucket, specifically from the [Config] section
  4. Ensure the URLs are the same in the newly downloaded file
  5. Ensure that the UUID is the same and copied from the license file from the S3 bucket
  6. Save the newly downloaded file as license.txt (same as the file that is currently in the S3 bucket)
  7. Upload the new license file and it will override the old license file, but maintain versioning of the old file
  8. Login to the PrinterOn Configuration Manager
  9. Navigate to the Licensing tab
  10. 1Scroll to the bottom and select 'Update License'
  11. Validate that the correct amount of printers or the updated renewal dates have been applied