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How to use a Samsung agent as a PDS for routing jobs to non-Samsung printers - c06388127

If you have multiple printers licensed for your PrinterOn Service, you can attach them to the PrinterOn Embedded Agent on your Samsung printer and let the agent manage the distribution of print jobs to those printers.

The only configuration available to deliver the job is to use a TCP connection to another printer's IP address.

To attach a printer to the Embedded Agent:

  1. In the PrinterOn web admin portal, click the Software icon.
  2. Choose the correct PDS from the Print Delivery Software list on the left hand side.
    You must have a valid PrinterOn license for each printer that you attach to your Samsung printer.
  3. On the Software page, locate the Manage Printers panel.
  4. In the Available Printers list on the right, select the printer(s) that you want to attach to the agent, then click Add to move them to the Attached Printers list on the left.
  5. Locate the Configure Printer panel.
  6. Configure the following settings as necessary:
    • Local IP Address: The local IP address of the printer.
    • Port: TCP/IP Port should be set as 9100
    • Host: should be disabled for the printer which is not the local agent printer
  7. Click Save.
  8. Restart the printer after saving these changes.
  9. Submit a test print and use the method of release enabled. If using release codes, the Samsung panel can be accessed to release a job, or the user can utilize the remote release option if enabled. The QR code for the non-embedded printer can be affixed to the printer somewhere for easy identification to use the mobile app for secure release.