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Manually Configuring PrinterOn Passthru for the PrinterOn Status Servers (v3.2.8) - c06298978

Utilizing the steps below will allow the administrator of the PrinterOn Enterprise solution to manually configure PrinterOn Passthru for the PrinterOn status service.

  1. Navigate to this default location: C:\Program Files\PrinterOn Corporation\PrintAnywhere
  2. Open up the PASConfig.exe utility
  3. Navigate to ‘Applications’, ‘Formats’, PrinterOn Print Passthru, then enter the extension in this location as in 2.5 (see attached image)
  4. Navigate to ‘General’, then delete a value, then retype the same value (this will give the ‘Save’ option)
  5. Select Save, then close the utility
  6. From the PrinterOn Configuration Manager restart the processing server, then restart the status service
  7. Next send through another print job with the extension that requires passthru with PrinterOn


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.2.x and later.

Any further changes made through the PASConfig.exe utility will have adverse effects.