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MAPI profile creation steps - c06298375

  1. Log into the server running your PrinterOn software
  2. Add the owner of the Exchange mailbox you'll be connecting to as a Local Administrator
  3. Log off the server
  4. Log in as the Exchange mailbox owner
  5. Launch Outlook if installed
    Create the profile which should be done automatically based on your user account
  6. If Outlook is not installed, launch Control Panel
    1. Choose the Mail option
    2. Choose Email Accounts and then New
  7. Configure your mail server & account details
  8. Now that the profile is created, you can log out of the server as this user, or continue to configuration.

When you select MAPI as the protocol for Email Print, you will see a drop down list of Mail Profiles available.

Choose the one created in the steps above to continue your configuration.