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PAS00108 error during web upload - c06350182

The error is related to the communication between CPS/PTS and the Status Server. This error is a very misleading one as it states in the browser "Account information is incorrect or you are not permitted to use this service" and generally people will start troubleshooting authentication when they see this.

The error details in our Server Message Reference document are different, but it is also more accurate:

PAS00108 Error received by license server, or unable to contact license server. Possible Causes: If reported independently, the Status Server is unable to contact the PrinterOn License Server, in these cases, the Status Server fails to launch. this is returned as the userMessageID in combination with a returnCodeReason for integrators. Users will receive a message that contains the returnCodeReason from PTS itself. If encountered by an integrator, the integration should review the returnCodeReason to determine the root cause of the issue. MessageID: PAS00108 MessageText: PAS00108: The service is temporarily unavailable.

What's actually happening is that the Status Server can't get to the PTS service to confirm the printer details in order to continue processing the job. This communication for PTS uses the Internal Service URL as defined in the license, and adds "/rest/ELMValidate" to the end. If you visit [internalServiceURL]/rest/ELMValidate (eg. in a browser, it should return an XML response like ?return_code=ELM10000?svr_trans_ver=2.3.2?svr_sw_ver= An error has occurred.?error_txt=ELM10000: A required value was not supplied or was invalid. (if you see a blank page, or an error, you'll need to view source on the page to confirm the XML response is shown).




Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later