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PAS73 error when submitting print jobs via CPS - Managed Cloud Print - c06326353

Within the ECP environment, if any CPS upgrades are done on the local server (as opposed to being done via AWS scripts), there may be PAS73 error shown when testing a print job to the load balancer address.

You will notice that the CPS PrintAnywhere Server URI value is set to "http://localhost/PasServlet/PasServlet", yet PAS is on a different physical server. This is due to the being modified in a AWS environment to point to the PAS AWS LB address (eg. instead of the default

To resolve, choose 1 of 2 options:

  1. (Recommended) - Stop and Start the CPS instances in Opsworks. This will trigger the proper configuration scripts to modify the configuration files on CPS. Do not reboot - this is not the same process.
    • Completing this step will bring the system back in terms of configuration to how they were done when using the AWS script to complete the installation
  2. Manually modify the Apache Tomcat\webapps\PasServlet\WEB-INF\ file to point to the PAS loadbalancer address.
    • Using this step allows quick recovery of the system, only to be used as a quick fix, but step 1 should be completed at a later time.

To collect the PAS LB URI from AWS (this should also be stored on the client's Confluence page related to their AWS deployment):