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PayPal Account Creation - Business - c06314436

Using the steps below will help any organization setup a Paypal business account to collect the PrinterOn payments for printing.

  1. Go to
  2. Select the Business tab
  3. Click on Create a Business Account
  4. Click on Create New Account
  5. Enter your location and language
  6. Complete the required fields and click Continue
  7. Complete the required fields and click Sign Up
    The email address they enter on this page is the one used to log in and subsequently, used to enable PayPal with PrinterOn
  8. The account is now setup – click on Go to My Business Setup
  9. In the Manage my money area, click Start Now
  10. Select add or edit under Bank accounts
  11. Complete the required fields and click Continue
  12. Confirm the details and click Add Bank Account

IMPORTANT: In order to receive payments from guests without a PayPal account (this may be the case if, for example, they are using a company credit card and don’t want to create an account with it), the PrintSpot owner must confirm their bank account with PayPal This step takes 3-5 business days. For more information on confirming your account, click here How to sign up for the Micropayments plan (5% + 5 cents/transaction)

  1. Visit
  2. Click Signup
  3. Choose your country
  4. Click Login here
  5. Login with your Business Account credentials
  6. When prompted if you want to apply for this plan, click yes
  7. Approval for this payment plan may take up to 2 business days.

For details on how to enable the PayPal feature within the PrinterOn Enterprise solution use this article: How to enable Paypal as the payment processor