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Print Delivery Station PDS Intermittently / randomly downloads print jobs - c06380191

This can happen when there are more than one instances of the same Print Delivery Station PDS with the same serial number is installed. This will cause the two instances of PDS to interfere with each other with each PDS downloading jobs randomly.

Some common errors can be seen in PDS logs such as:

Attempting to download job data for job with ID: 17393016

Unexpected data encountered while downloading job with ID:17393016

To fix the problem:

- Find and stop or uninstall the other PDS software.

- If you can not find the other PDS instance, create another instance of a PDS software with a new serial number and a new name, then migrate the existing printers to the new PDS software, then reset and re-import the configuration into the new PDS. This will deactivate the other PDS.