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PrinterOn processing error PWC3548 - c06361122

While submitting a print request through the PrinterOn Enterprise solution, the error message is encountered.

This error indicates that the PrinterOn Enterprise solution has successfully rendered the print job, but is having some trouble delivering the print job to the Print Delivery Station.

Validate that the details configured on the printer for the Print Delivery Station or the Print Delivery Hub is correct, to do this complete these steps:

  1. Login to the PrinterOn Configuration Manager
  2. Select the Printers Tab
  3. Select the printer where the error was received
  4. Select the '+' sign, then select 'Configure'
  5. Select 'Output Location'
  6. Verify the information in the Server Address or the Alternate/Local Print Delivery Hub to Host Print Jobs field.


Another good test would be to validate that from the machine where the PrinterOn PrintAnywhere service is installed, that you can open up the browser and then copy the values from step 6 above and validate a response in the web browser in the from of a XML response.