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Status Servers stop talking and all jobs are failing immediately (PAS0066 reported via CPS) - c06406194

Event Summary

Event Definition

The Status Servers stop sharing job information and print jobs submitted are being rejected. This can happen randomly when performing actions that rewrite the Status Server configuration file, but will also need to be changed as part of initial configuration of a new Enterprise Cloud Print customer. PAS0066 error will be reported almost immediately.

Procedure Documentation

Symptoms and Errors

Tools and Access Needed

Post Resolution Expected Behaviour

Jobs should be processed and a "Complete" message displayed to end users.

Pre Event Reporting/Documentation

  1. Create Change Management issue in JIRA
  2. If this is occurring after initial deployment stage, create a case in Salesforce as well.

Event Start Notification Procedure

(I don't think this action requires a notification be sent)

Steps and Process

  1. RDP into PAS server
  2. Stop the Status Server service
  3. Open the C:\ProgramData\PrinterOn Corporation\PONData\PrintAnywhere\Config\User\StatusServerConfig.xml fil
  4. Within the "ReflectionServerList" section, update the httpapiport value to 5400
  5. Save the configuration file
  6. Start the CPS Server service
  7. Repeat for each additional CPS server
    We then need to Backup the configurations in AWS' opsworks:
  8. Within AWS, navigate to OpsWorks
  9. Choose the Client Stack
  10. Click Run Command in the top right corner
  11. Choose Execute Recipes as the command
  12. Set the Recipes to execute to be opsworks_psim::pas_backup
  13. Enable this change on the pas layer only

Event Complete Notification Procedure

(I don't think this action requires a notification be sent)

Post Event Reporting/Documentation

  1. Close Change Management issue in JIRA to confirm changes were made and tested to confirm issue is resolved
  2. Close Salesforce case if required