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Supress the PrintWhere Upgrade Message - c06300072

Using the option below the administrator of the PrinterOn solution will be able to configure each machine to only complete manual updates.

  1. Click start button on the computer and type in the 'Run' field, regedit
  2. This opens up the registry editor
  3. Navigate to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\PrinterOn Corporation\PrintWhere x.x (where x.x is the current version you have installed)
  4. Add new string with the name “IgnoreUpgradesUptoVersion”
  5. Set the string value to be something newer than the release you currently have installed (to something like
  6. The customer can still do manual upgrades of PrintWhere, but this stops the popup asking the user to upgrade.


Applies to PrintWhere 6.x and later. PrinterOn recommends running the latest release of the PrintWhere application to make use of the latest updates and software stability.