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The Campus Printing Service is currently unavailable. - c06336414

After logging into the PrinterOn Central Print Service administration page; the error message is displayed:

The Campus Printing Service is currently unavailable.

Please contact the system administrator, and try again later.

  1. Validate that the Support and Maintenance for the PrinterOn service has been renewed, validate by logging into the web administration page and check the renewal date posted for the service
  2. If the service is valid it is possible the maintenance was just renewed, try the steps below to get the service back online:
    1. Try to restart the PrinterOn services and the Apache Tomcat service
    2. Validate that a cps_config file is valid using this article: CPS 404 error
    3. Restart the Apache Tomcat service and try to connect to the cps/admin page again


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 2.x