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The Print Delivery Gateway (PDG) fails to sync printers and the service URI test connection under network setting fails - c06429331

The Print Delivery Gateway's (PDG) does not pass the test connection to the service URI under the network settings even though the service URI is correct and responsive. If you copy/paste the exact same service URI that is defied in PDG's network setting into a web browser on the same machine that hosts PDG, the web browser resolves the service URI successfully and the browser redirects you to web print page.

Log lines within the PDS shows similar errors as per below:

01/Aug/2018 19:24:10,669 - [DEBUG] Logger: Testing CPS connection to url: https://CPS-DNS-or-IP-address/cps

01/Aug/2018 19:24:10,670 - [TRACE] AbstractRestClient : RESTCLIENT: authLine we are using:cpsApi NTIwMzk5NDc4NjgxOjQ3N2NlMTYyMzA0OWNkNzE4OTM2NDhhMzY2ZjBkMjlm

Problem: The API key being used by PDG has been corrupted therefore it does not match with the API key used by CPS service.

To solve this problem:

  1. Stop PDG service
  2. Make a backup copy of file usually located here: C:\ProgramData\PrinterOn Corporation\ PONData \PDG\gateway
  3. Edit file with PrinterOn's fileviewer.jar
  4. Look for a line that contains the API key (This is usually the last line in ).
  5. The line in the file will look like this: cpsFullAuthLine=NTIwMzk5NDc4NjgxOjQ3N2NlMTYyMzA0OWNkNzE4OTM2NDhhMzY2ZjBkMjlm
  6. Correct the value for cpsFullAuthLine (The correct value can be found in ponconf >Advanced>Components>Central Print Services>API)
  7. Save the file
  8. Replace the file in the same folder C:\ProgramData\PrinterOn Corporation\ PONData \PDG\gateway
  9. Start PDG service
  10. Try the test connection!


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later. Alternatively, you could reinstall the PDG service.