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Things to consider when disabling TLS1.0 on the PrinterOn Enterprise solution - c06900881

TLS1.0 is enabled by default on most Microsoft Windows machines.

In a security environment the administrator will look at disabling this protocol.

The PrinterOn Enterprise solution will still continue to work however there are some components that will need some updates in order to continue functioning as expected.

The SQL Express server that is installed with the PrinterOn Enterprise solution is installed with TLS1.0 protocol and will need some attention after the protocol is disabled.

Apply the SQL Express service pack 2 to the machine hosting the PrinterOn Enterprise solutoin database engine

Apply the latest cumulative updates to the Microsoft Windows machine Update .net 4.6 on the machine (should be included as part of the Microsoft Windows updates)

Update the ODBC client on the machine (this will be to ensure proper testing can be completed to test connectivity to the database engine)

Reboot the machine hosting the PrinterOn Enterprise solution after the above updates


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later