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Tools PS Team uses - c06394850


To Login, you will be provided with an agent login code. Which you will enter after pressing ACD Option on your phone. If you choose Make Busy and when a call comes in you will see ACD Status light will blink. After about 20 seconds the phone will ring. You will need to press ACD Option button and release Make Busy by pressing the button to answer the call. If you are away from your desk phone and need to

Check support voice mail while away from desk phone:

To make long distance call:


Our support box have colour codes that we all get assigned one. When you take responsibility of an issue/case/email you will mark it with the colour code that is assigned to you.

Demo Print:

We have an enterprise demo site for our customers or for anyone who want to demonstrate our product to their customers. There is a guide you can read about our demo web print site.

In order to submit print jobs you must enter the credentials. Login ID: user1, Password: Password221.