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Under what circumstances will a job be stored in the \PrintAnywhere\ArchivedJobs folder? - c06332975

Jobs are stored (zipped) in the Archived folder when the print job fails to print. This could be for reasons such as: unable to open the file, or an expected error occurring during the print/rendering process. The intention is to allow an administrator to monitor possible problem files.

In versions prior to 4.0.1 this was enabled by default, but is disabled by default in 4.0.1 and newer versions. Disabling this manually can be done by editing the Processing Server configuration XML. ...\ PrinterOn Corporation\PONData\PrintAnywhere\Config\User\ProcsssingServer.xml Change < archiveFailedJobs >1</ archiveFailedJobs > ? < archiveFailedJobs >0</ archiveFailedJobs >


in PrinterOn Hosted we disable this option manually.