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What are the Pre-Requistes for PrinterOn Enterprise deployment? - c06657152

Download the software here if you had not done so -


  1. A dedicated physical server or virtual machine
  2. Intel compatible processor with 2GHz multi-core processor (quad-core recommended)
  3. 4 GB RAM minimum for dedicated servers (8 GB recommended)
  4. 10 GB of disk space for PrinterOn software and third-party application (20 GB recommended)


  1. Windows Server 2008/2012/2016 R2 with current patches all installed
  2. IE Explorer 10 or later with latest patches
  3. SSL Certificates - Recommended to deploy digitally signed SSL certificates from a recognized certificate authority
  4. Microsoft Office 2010 to 2016 including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio. You should start each application included with Office at least once to ensure that they are properly installed and fully functional OR OpenOffice/LibreOffice - OR LibreOffice 5.0 or later (32-bit only)recommended . Only one of OpenOffice or LibreOffice should be installed at one time. You should start each application included with OpenOffice/LibreOffice at least once to ensure that they are properly installed and fully functional.

Software's that are included with the software;

  1. Apache Tomcat
  2. Microsoft SQL Server Express 2014 or other instances of SQL Server installed
  3. Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.1 and Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (installed by SQL Server)

The following software is either not installed or disabled;

  1. Internet Information Services (IIS) – If you have Internet Information Services (IIS) installed on your server, make sure that this is disabled. IIS interferes with the Tomcat installation.
  2. Microsoft SQL Software – Ensure that there are no other instances of SQL Server Installed

Network Communication;

  1. For internal network communication, ensure that the server has inbound and outbound access on port 443.
  2. It is recommended, but not required, to have ports 80 and 631 available also.

Summary Overview;

  1. You have your PrinterOn license file in a location that is accessible to the computer where you are installing your server.
  2. Your computer is running a supported version of the Windows Server software.
  3. Your Windows User Account is set to log on as local administrator and uses a non-blank password.
  4. You have logged in as this user prior to starting the installation.
  5. All Windows Updates have been performed.
  6. Your computer has Internet Explorer installed.
  7. Microsoft Office and/or LibreOffice/OpenOffice is installed on this computer, using the same Windows User Account used to install
  8. PrinterOn software (see Recommended software).
  9. Each application included with Microsoft Office and/or LibreOffice/OpenOffice has been started once to ensure all startup processes are complete.
  10. IIS (Internet Information Services), if installed, is disabled.
  11. Microsoft SQL Server is not installed on this computer.
  12. Port 443 on your server is not currently in use by other services.
  13. Please note there is a new requirement as of version 4.0 to update the license file to reflect the server's address in order to support mobile app and PrintWhere submissions