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What are the reply URLs that should be added when a customer is using Open ID Connect (IDM/SSO) authentication? - c06326343

There are 3 redirect URLs we should request today for anyone leveraging OIDC for their authentication services:

As of version 3.5.9 of the apps, iOS is still using the address for redirect. We are asking customers to add the sentinel address as well so that when we do switch over, customers do not need to make further changes. When this change is made for iOS, the Android app will remain using

*For Azure you don't have to put the / at the end of the loopback URL, and it works for all submission methods. For Ping, you have to have the / at the end or iOS won't work. It seems to depend on the identity provider how this is handled.


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 4.x and later.