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What is PasServlet? - c06361120

Although a small step in the overall workflow, it is important to understand how the CPS passes the print request on for processing by the PrintAnywhere server. At the intersection of the CPS and PrintAnywhere Server, a Java Servlet—referred to as the PasServlet —is responsible for receiving and filtering all content to be delivered to PrintAnywhere . Because the PasServlet provides support for Apache Tomcat, it allows PrintAnywhere to be deployed in various locations, independent of the CPS, while still allowing the solution to use the built-in capabilities of the web server, such as SSL.

The transfer of the print request from the CPS to the PrintAnywhere Connector follows the process outlined below:

  1. The CPS submits a request to the PasServlet as a Document API request.
  2. The PasServlet validates the print request as being a valid and recognized Document API request.
  3. If successfully validated, the print request is passed it to the Status Server component of the PrintAnywhere server.