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What is PrinterOn's Position on Support for Latest Mobile OS Versions? - c06432606

PrinterOn makes all efforts to ensure that their applications are compatible with releases of iOS and Android at the time the updated operating systems are released. PrinterOn continuously updates their apps at regular intervals throughout the year.

For major releases, typically released in the fall each year, the PrinterOn developers proactively download pre-release builds of the operating systems to ensure that we do not have any critical issues with the release of the new OS versions.

During that period, PrinterOn development tests the pre-releases builds continuously leading up to the release and we will release updated versions in advance of the release to ensure day 1 compatibility if required.

In the event of a last minute change by Apple or Google in the final release (which often happens to maintain secrecy), PrinterOn ensures that development resources are available at the time of release of the new OS should an emergency update be required. At which point we will update and release a new version as quickly as possible.