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What is the effort to get the HP Embedded Agent loaded to the printers? Is this something the customer can do or does it require PS to assist? - c06884793

The PrinterOn agent for HP is a standard OXP application. That also means that it can be deployed using the same method other HP applications have been managed with. This includes HP tools such as WebJetAdmin that can deploy large numbers of devices using these HP tools.

This would be done by the customer or HP team (or a partner) and should significantly reduce the time needed. It is best to refer to customer/partner to determine whether the tool is already used in the environment.

The devices can be configured individually which requires uploading a package to the MFP and that then would need to have 10 minutes for each device to connect and upload the software. The process is really easy , but if done one by one it could take time. So the customer could do it.