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What log levels are available in PrinterOn Enterprise solution? - c06361121

The PrinterOn service gives you a lot of control over how much information the system logs for each component by supporting a variety of different logging levels. You can set a system-wide logging level or configure each component individually.

As a best practice, to reduce the impact on server performance, you should set the logging to Information (the default) or lower, and adjust it for individual components when necessary to troubleshoot an issue.

PrinterOn supports the following logging levels:

Off : All logging is disabled.

Fatal : Only records non-recoverable or fatal errors.

Error : Records all errors.

Warning : Records warning messages (recoverable errors or unexpected conditions).

Information : Records all informational messages (default).

Debug : Records detailed troubleshooting logs that are useful for debugging.

Trace : Records more detailed troubleshooting logs than Debug.

All : Records all log information, providing the most detailed logs.

You can set the logging levels for all components in the Configuration Manager. Higher levels of logging are most useful when troubleshooting.

To set a logging level for all PrinterOn components:

  1. In the Configuration Manager, click Home > General.
  2. In the General tab, locate the Debug Logging panel.
  3. Configure the logging level as necessary