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0 jobs available when using the PrinterOn network PrintValet Keypad - c06234542

Some steps to try:

For the Administrator

  1. Validate the the Print Delivery Station or PrintConnect is running.
  2. Validate that uninterrupted internet access exists for the PDS or PrintConnect .
  3. Validate that the print job is appearing in the Print Delivery Station or the PrintConnect device.
    • For the Print Delivery Station: check the Queue Monitor
    • For the PrintConnect check the Queue Monitor
  4. Validate that the printer's Privacy Mode is set to 'General Delivery'.

From the Printers tab, select 'Edit' on the printer, then confirm the privacy mode setting.

For the End User

  1. Verify that the print job was submitted to the correct service.
  2. Verify that the correct release code is being entered on the PrintValet Keypad.


Applies to PrinterOn Public and Print Delivery Station 2.x and later.