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Adding an IPP printer to the Microsoft Windows machine with credentials to authenticate to the PrinterOn Enterprise solution - c06226806

Using the steps below the administrator of the PrinterOn Enterprise solution can add a PrinterOn IPP printer to a Microsoft Windows machine, making it easy to submit print requests through the solution quickly.

Creating the IPP Microsoft Windows Queue

  1. Navigate to the Microsoft Windows Control panel .
  2. Click on Devices and Printers .
  3. Click on Add a printer on the top left corner or right click to add a printer.
  4. Select Add a Network , wireless or Bluetooth printer.
  5. Click on “ The printer that I want isn’t listed ”.
  6. Select “ select a shared printer by name ”.
  7. Enter http://PDG’s IP:6310/ PrinterOnPrinterName and click on next .
    For example,
  8. The wizard will prompt to select the print driver to use. Select the desired driver then click OK .
  9. Success message should appear 'You’ve successfully added …'.
  10. Click finish .

Adding the credentials to authenticate automatically

  1. Right click on newly created printer and select printer properties .
  2. Navigate to port and click on Configure Port… .
  3. Select Use the specified user account .
  4. Enter the credentials .
  5. Click OK to complete the configurations.


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later.

For Microsoft Windows 10 machines, the IPP Client must be added,

see further details here: