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Can I pay for all my print jobs at once through PrinterOn paypal integration instead of one document at a time? - c06595935


Administrator has disabled the printer option for "Unique release code for each attachment". This means if a user submits a single email with 3 attachments, they will get a single email to pay for their prints, and the email includes a single release code.

If an email is sent with 3 attachments, it is currently sending a single email to pay that contains 4 different links to pay (one per document, plus the email body if email body printing is enabled). The user must then pay for each document one at a time, and gets a confirmation email for each one with a release code. The release code is the same for each email. When the user enters this release code, all 3 documents print all at once.

Is there an option so that the user does not have to pay for each document separately? What happens if a user only pays for some of the documents and not all? Will the documents they paid for still print with that release code? What if the user prints 2 of the documents first, and then pays for the third?