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Can the PrinterOn Enterprise solution jobs be release using a third-party print management system? - c06234269

PrinterOn can be deployed in conjunction with a variety of queue-based, third-party print management solutions. In these cases, the PrinterOn Enterprise solution hands off a print job to these systems for processing, delivery, and secure release of the print job.

The primary requirement of integrating the PrinterOn Enterprise solution with an existing print management solution is ensuring a user’s identity is correctly linked with their print job throughout the entire print process from submission, to authentication, to job release.

The PrinterOn Enterprise solution includes a broad range of techniques to ensure that a user’s identity is properly collected and communicated to the installed print management system.

The PrinterOn Enterprise solution works best when using the same user credentials as the existing print management system. The PrinterOn Enterprise solution will extend authentication and authorization to all its supported printing methods. By providing the print management system with the necessary user information, the PrinterOn Enterprise solution effectively extends the existing tracking and auditing capabilities to include:

Best practice is to deploy the Print Delivery Station (PDS) on the Print Management server. If there are multiple print management servers, choose the one that manages the print queues (eg. The DRE servers in an Equitrac environment). This recommendation is in place due to following reasons:

  1. It ensures the Microsoft Windows spool headers are not changed while the job is passed from one server to another
  2. When print data encryption is on, it ensures the data is decrypted where the print queue resides (PDS performs this step before releasing the job to the defined queue) so it's not transferred across servers unencrypted.
  3. The job data is uncompressed before it is sent to the print queue. If the PDS is on the same local machine as the print queue, it's not being transferred in its full decompressed size, which utilizes less bandwidth.


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later.